Chocolates and Confectionery

LuvIt brings to you a wide range of luscious chocolates and confectionary that take you to a heavenly chocolate abode. At LuvIt, we believe that chocolate is an indulgence no one should have to wait for. Enjoy a superlative chocolate experience with every bite of LuvIt chocolates and confectionery. Whether you like rich milky chocolates, light crunchy wafers wrapped in delectable white chocolate or tangy long lasting lollipops, we’ve got you covered at LuvIt. Once you take a bite, you can’t help but love it.

Dairy Rich from LuvIt brings to you delicious and luscious chocolates to treat your palate. Our special teardrop shape ensures you get a richer chocolatey experience with every bite.

Experience the true joy of chocolate, caramel and nougat with Loca. Indulge in mouth-watering layers of caramel and nougat wrapped in tempting chocolate that’ll leave you wanting for more.

Enjoy crunchy wafers draped in delicious white chocolate and rich milk chocolate with Chocwich. This is definitely a delight for white chocolate lovers!

Crunchy wafer encased in deliciously rich chocolayers. Tempting smooth milk chocolate coated over crisp wafers

Enjoy a rich chocolaty explosion in every bite with the Jumbo Chocorich Eclairs. This luxurious eclair burst comes with a variant of coffee for all of our chocolate-coffee lovers.

Crazypops brings to button shaped treats in delicious sugary coloured coatings. It is hard to resist these fun sized snacks that redefine chocolates.

Chocopops treats you to crunchy rice krispies wrapped in bite sized chocolate balls. Enjoy the combination of succulent delightful chocolate and crunchy rice krispies all at the same time.

Smackers brings to you unique lollipops in eight delectable flavours across chocolate & fruit variants. Our chocolate lollipops made with real cocoa are nothing like you’ve ever had before.

LuvIt brings to you Chatku, a sweet & spicy experience. Superior Kachha aam candy with masala centre for people with a zing for life!

Our array of mouthwatering dual candy combination is bound to entice your palate. We have the caramel-chocolate combo for the double dribble and the Kachha-Pucca Aam combo for the real fruit experience.

LuvIt jellies, with a real juicy fruit pulp to give you the real fruit experience. LuvIt jellies come in the flavours of strawberry & kachha aam; and a unique flavour of chatpata jelly for all of our masala-sweet lovers.