Mosquito Repellents

The moments where our family comes together are fun, precious and memorable & nothing disturbs beautiful moments like a swarm of mosquitoes buzzing around. DND brings to you a wide range of innovative mosquito repellent products that prevent mosquitoes from entering your home. With superior efficacy, our products create a preventive shield that keeps the mosquitoes at bay so that you can enjoy your moments. Choose between liquid vaporizers, coils and aerosols, all highly efficient at providing a mosquito free environment to you and your family. Our products are efficacious, affordable and made for every family.

DND Flash Refill

DND Flash Liquid Refill has 1.6% TFT active making it 3 times more powerful and just within 5 minutes starts action giving you instant relief from mosquitoes.

DND Regular Refill

New improved DND Mosquito Refill has 50% extra power and spreads 2X faster to fight tough mosquitoes. The formula is specially designed to safeguard you and your family at all times.

DND Spira coils(8Hr)

With pleasant sambrani/dhoop fragrance, DND 8 Hr Spira Coils is 99.5% Natural Coil & gives your double power action against mosquitoes

DND Spira Coils(12 Hrs)

DND 12 Hr Coils give you corner to corner prevention and prevent your family from malaria and dengue causing mosquitoes.