The Company

Global CP is more than just a company. It’s an innovation that will change your way of life. This was an initiative by an Entrepreneur whose main aim was to fulfil the need for efficient and high-quality products in various sections of the market. Over the last five years, ever since its establishment, Global CP has flooded the market with its innovative products in various verticals including but not limited to chocolates, confectionaries, beauty products, and household solutions.

At Global CP, we give utmost importance to consumer satisfaction. All our products are designed to be highly efficient and uphold high standards of quality. Nothing but the best goes on the shelf at Global CP. We aim to continue offering similar ingenious solutions in all verticals and make it easily accessible to everyone in the future.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our strong core values. At Global CP, we strive to deliver the best to not only our consumers but also to our employees, channel partners, suppliers, shareholders, and investors. We believe in providing every individual involved in our business with an equal opportunity to grow and flourish with the company.

Our Vision

To Ignite Youth Consumer Experience with Innovative, Mid-Premium Products with Strong Brand Equity across Emerging Markets through Organic and Inorganic Build-Up, leading to rapid Shareholder Value Creation.

Our Mission
  • Building Rapid Optimal Infrastructure focussing on chosen geography
  • Providing Adequate Capitalisation
  • Attracting Passionate Highly Talented Professional Entrepreneurs with in-depth Category Experience to create a Performance-based Culture
  • Practising Chanakya Strategies revolving around Extraordinary Creativity and Innovative Technology through Intensive Research in Product Development and Consumer Insight

When Global CP was established, it was one of a kind start-up that provided a platform for various stakeholders to nurture their entrepreneurial ambitions. It was with this vision of the company that our CMD and Co-Founder roped in two outstanding PE funds (Goldman Sachs and Mitsui Ventures) to turn Global CP into a strong FMCG company. Goldman Sachs and Mitsui Ventures have not only acted as financial investors but have also contributed to the growth of the company with their expertise and vast network.