Brands that captures favorable macroeconomic factor’s
manifested through higher urban consumption

A young Entrepreneur’s passion for FMCG brands & products and his dedication for brands gave birth to a leading FMCG company which is known as GlobalCP today. Our determination to offer the best products has aided us in creating high quality and innovative choices for our customers.

One of a kind company in the FMCG space

We at Global CP believe that Channel partners play an integral role in the success of our company. We hire Channel partners who share the same vision as us and are hungry for success and growth.


Vision to Succeed

We aim to become one of the best FMCG companies in India. At Global CP, we strive to ensure every product stays true to our high standards o quality and believe that is what will help our company flourish.


Great place to work

At Global CP, we all share the same values and passion for what we do and that’s what makes us click. Our dynamic environment enables our employees to achieve remarkable growth while offering a perfect balance of professional and personal life.